Cannabis Liberation Day

The biggest cannabis and hemp event in The Netherlands.

June 12th 2016

The 8th Cannabis Liberation Day will take place on June 12th 2016, 2pm till 10pm. The event is free. On Cannabis Liberation Day we celebrate the international cannabis culture and show how much good this plant has to offer. Cannabis Liberation Day calls for tolerance and widespread use of hemp as durable resource and challenges the criminalization of the plant, the cannabis consumers, coffeeshops and cultivators.


Cannabis Liberation Day will again be held at Flevopark, the greenest park of Amsterdam. The park is easily accessible by public transportation and parking your car is free at the adjacent Science Park. Please treat the park with respect, use the bins and toilets and stay on the grass and pathways.


In addition to the stage program with artists, speakers and DJs from home and abroad there is a big Hemp Market, a Cannabis Film Festival in Europe’s biggest ger (Mongolian nomadic tent), a reggae and dub area with sound systems, a Vape Lounge and a mouth watering food and drinks area.


At the Hemp Market, cannabis- and hemp related organisations and companies will present themselves and their -legal- products. Non-commercial organisation do not have to pay rent for stands.
If you are interested, send an email to market@cannabisliberationday.org


The Cannabis Film Festival is located in the biggest Ger (Mongolian nomad tent) of Europe. Watch movies for free, documentaries and comedy clips on the plant, or join a panel discussion. Please make sure to turn off your telephones.


Since 1999, in the first week of May protests and festivals are organised worldwide in support of legalizing cannabis, under the name Global Marijuana March. Because there were none of these activities in Holland, in 2009 VOC decided to organise Cannabis Liberation Day.

Time Table

Click here for more information on artists and speakers.

Main Stage:
2 pm-2.05 pm: Welcome and opening
2.05 pm-2.45 pm: IRIS PENNING
2.45 pm-3.30 pm: Dj set 1: United Sounds
3.25 pm-3.30 pm: Speaker 1: Has Cornelissen
3.35 pm-4.15 pm: VAN PIEKEREN
4.15 pm-4.25 pm: Special 420 event
4.25 pm-5.10 pm: Dj set 2: DJ Marlicious
5.10 pm-5.15 pm: Speaker 2: Frans van Laarhoven
5.15 pm-6.00 pm: DRAMALI
6.00 pm-6.05 pm: Uitreiking Koos Zwart Award
6.05 pm-6.40 pm: Dj set 3: Dj Skunkstar
6.40 pm-6.35 pm: Speaker 3: Nol van Schaik / Cannabinol & The Inhalers
6.50 pm-7.00 pm: Joep Oomen memorial
7.00 pm-7.15 pm: ARMAND TRIBUTE
7.15 pm-7.20 pm: Speaker 4: To be announced…
7.20 pm-8.00 pm: RUPELSOLDATEN (B).
8.00 pm-8.40 pm: Dj set 4: Dj Skunkstar
8.40 pm-8.45 pm: Speaker 5: To be announced…
8.45 pm-10 pm: WILL AND THE PEOPLE (UK)
10 pm: Curfew

Reggae & Dub Area:
Covenant Sound System

Cannabis Film Festival

2 pm–2.45 pm: Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom
2.50 pm–3.50 pm: Cannabis comedy & animation
3.55 pm–4.25 pm: Cannabis News Network special
4.30 pm–5.25 pm: Debate 1: How to end the war on drugs
5.30 pm – 5.50 pm: VICE Nederland special: Mediwiet: medicinale cannabis in Nederland
5.50 pm–6.40 pm: Debate 2: Cannabis oil: miracle cure?
6.45 pm–7.30 pm: CNN’s Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution
7.30 pm–10 pm: Inherent Vice

House Rules

Respect the environment: stay on the grass and pathways
Use the bins and toilets
No selling of cannabis
No aggression
No hard drugs
No selling of alcohol

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You can follow the signs to the car park at Amsterdam Science Park. The visitors’ car park is located between Science Park 404 and 406. You may also park at the public (paid) car parks P1, P3 or P7. 

Rates, times and rules

An hourly rate of €2.40 and a maximum daily rate apply at the site. It also possible to purchase day passes. Please pay at the parking machines on site or, in the case of employees/companies, via the company to which you are affiliated.

Please note: Cition parking permits, parking passes, day passes and month passes are not valid on this site!

In case of trouble please call: 14020